Serving Since 1976

The Humane Society of Cambria County (HSCC) is a non-profit, incorporated organization, which holds a class NP kennel license. We operate as a No-Kill Shelter. Under our open entry policy, we accept both stray and owner-surrendered animals. This includes those that may be sick, elderly, pregnant, injured, or aggressive.

We do not place time limits or deadlines on the animals in our care. Each animal remains available for adoption as long as they are not undergoing medical treatment.

Since we were established 40 years ago, our organization has helped over 138,000 animals find forever homes.

Our Staff

The shelter staff is full of dedicated individuals who are completely committed to our mission. Please feel free to visit our shelter during our hours of operation and our staff would be happy to assist you!

Executive Director
Kelli Ruiz

Operations Manager
Sarah Oldham

Animal Control Officer
David Pundzak

Adoption Coordinator
Kylie Claycomb

Medical Team Lead
Johanna Kulback

Kennel Team Lead
Carrie Wozniak

Kitten Care Coordinator
Chelsea Leydig

Shelter Staff
Nicholas Borelle
Michael Marino
Heather Roppollo
Carrie Teno
Kinlee Whited

Our Board

The shelter board is full of dedicated individuals who are completely committed to our mission. Our board is devoted to making the best decisions to benefit the well-being of the shelter. The board meets the second Tuesday of each month.


   Sharon Honkus
Vice President
   Devin Helmick
   Julie Mikolich (interim)
   Jackie Ondesko


Scott Hunt
Jayne Korenoski
Kristin Mack
Patrick Martella
Julie Mikolich
Amy Nielsen
Debra Noble

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