Julia Mostoller has been volunteering at the Humane Society of Cambria County since September of 2020. Like many others, she started volunteering because she loves animals above all else. Her goal is to help as many animals as possible! 

Julia currently works as an exercise physiologist at Conemaugh Valley PT & Fitness; this summer she will be starting her dream job as a strength and conditioning coach at a brand new sports performance center that is opening up in Richland! In her free time, Julia is either volunteering at the shelter, lifting at the gym, playing the piano, or spending time with her pets. Julia is the owner of five cats and a bunny!

What she enjoys the most about volunteering is that she can make an animal’s days just by letting them out to exercise and giving them her love and attention. She loves seeing them being their amazing selves outside of their kennels as well as seeing previously shy or scared animals open up.

Julia would tell others that volunteering is all about asking yourself what you can do for the animals, and that we should aim to be completely selfless and focus on the animals’ wants and needs because they deserve our help and compassion. There is nothing better than seeing your love and dedication having positive impacts on the animals!

Thank you Julia for being a compassionate and dedicated volunteer!