Madelyn Gaskin has been volunteering at the Humane Society of Cambria County for just over a month, and she has already been heavily involved and incredibly helpful! Her passion for helping all kinds of animals is what drove her to volunteer with us. She wanted to be able to help the animals find their forever homes and to give the animals at the shelter the love and attention that they deserve. Volunteering at HSCC is also advantageous to her intended future career of working with animals.

Maddie is a full time student at Saint Francis University, and she works with SFU sporting events. Over summer and winter breaks she works at Rockwood Manufacturing. Aside from work and volunteering, she enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and working out.

At home, Maddie has a golden retriever, a golden doodle, and a lab mix. She also has three cats. Clearly her love for animals extends into her personal life too! Maddie enjoys spending time with the animals here at the Humane Society of Cambria County. She knows that they are being taken care of by great people including staff and other volunteers like her. Her favorites are the cats–especially the kittens! She also enjoys walking the dogs and playing with them outside.

Maddie would like to tell others that this is a great opportunity to help animals that need homes, and also that volunteering is a great experience and that even the slightest amount of time volunteering is a lot of help to the animals and staff members at the Humane Society.

In her time volunteering with us so far, Maddie has assisted us greatly spending one on one time with the animals, as well as helping with events, and has even lent a very appreciated hand with our ever-present dishes and laundry duties.

Thank you so much Maddie for your dedication and care that is evident in how you help here!